Universal Stick-On Multiple Surface Car Holder Model: 710

710 CAR HOLDER(7''-10.5'')

  • UPC Code: 845126065973
  • Item Code: HOL-710
  • Manufacture: Universal
  • Model: Universal
  • Style: Car Mount Holder
- Universal Car holder that can be place on any surface
- Ideal for use with all types of PDA /Mobile /MP4 /MP3 with photo frame. High quality windshield PDA mount solutions either used for car or put on desk with unique design on photo ecnryption. Model 018-1 features the universal side grip PDA cradle and a super strong and reliability flexidle mounting pedestal.
- New generic Universal PDA Holder with Photo Frame
- Windshield Mount
- Clip the holder onto your car's windshield/dash using the vacuum base, then uses the flexible clamp to hold onto your device
- Attach your device to any vehicle's windshield without the use of messy adhesives
- Compact and lightweight
- Type: generic
- Color: black